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The Rolleiflex T camera offered the option to expose 16 frames of 4×5.5 cm on Roll film 120 size. The film transport of the Rolleiflex T is capable of handling both 12 and 16 exposures on Roll film 120. Unlike the Rolleicords Va and Vb an exchangeable film counter is unnecessary.A set of masks is all that is needed for the Rolleiflex T.

There are three different kinds of masks. First of all the film masks that guide the smaller 35 mm film through the large film gate of the Rolleiflex. Then the focusing screen masks. They are placed on top of the screen or slid under the screen in cameras with later detachable finder hoods. The third type of masks is intended for the action or Direct View finder. That finder is used when looking through two holes in the back and the front of an opened finder hood. The front hole is normally closed but can be pushed open. The Direct View finder mask is placed over the front hole. A dedicated Direct View finder mask for the Tele-Rolleiflex was separately available.

16 Exposures Set for the Rolleiflex T (and Rolleimagic I and II)

The film transport of the Rolleiflex T is built to switch between 12 and 16 exposures.There is no counter in this set. The 12/16 exposures switch is triggered by inserting the proper film mask into the film gate. This mask has a stud at the downside for this purpose. The stud makes the frame different from other 24×35 mm film masks. The Rolleiflex T had the detachable finder hood from the start of production. All focusing screen masks are intended to be put underneath the screen.

From October 1960 another focusing screen was added with cuts for the Rolleimagic I and II cameras.

The set consists of:

Rolleiflex T and Rolleimagic I and II

Exposures Frame Size Produced Camera Models Particulars Content of Set
16 4×5.5 cm 1958 - 1978 Rolleicord T Screen mask slides under the focusing screen. Leather pouch with zipper.
Film mask 4×5.5 (4×4) cm.
Direct View finder mask 4×5.5 cm.
Direct View finder mask 4×4 cm.
Focusing screen mask 4×5.5 cm (plastic).
Focusing screen mask 4×4 cm (plastic).
16 4×5.5 cm From 10/1960 Rolleiflex T
Rolleimagic I
Rolleimagic II
Screen mask slides under the focusing screen.
Focusing screen mask for the Rolleimagic I and II added.
As above, with Focusing screen mask 4×5.5 cm for the Rolleimagics.

Contrary to the Rolleicord this Film Mask has a stud underneath for switching the film transport to 16 exposures.
Not all sets that are found today have the screen mask for the Magics!