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Rolleiflex 4×4 1588, Photo F.W. Stutterheim
127 Roll films and a 127 spool. Kodak Gold 200 and Efke R 100 are out of sale, I still have some rolls in the freezer. Rera chrome and Rera Pan are in current production.
Photo © 2022  F.W. Stutterheim [Rolleiflex 6008i, Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar 4/120 mm PQS HFT]

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Roll film 1271 is used in the ‘Baby’ Rolleiflex 4×4 cm (1⅝×1⅝ in).

It looks like FilmFerrania, who have re-started film production in Italy, have rescued a machine for packaging 127 film but there are no immediate plans for the production of 127 film. Production of P30 B/W film has restarted but in 135 and 120 film only.

The links below take you the home pages of the shops rather than to the actual product pages. I know, it looks like I am being rewarded by the shopkeepers to let you browse the entire shop in order to boost their sales, before finding 127 size film. The thing is, product pages change faster than I can update the links, so while at the site please do a “search” for the product you are interested in. Availability of 127 film has vastly improved. There are many more shops that sell 127 film.

Roll film 127

Bluefire Murano

Bluefire Murano 160 gives superb, natural-color images at its rated speed of ISO 160. C41 process.

Film for classics

“Film for Classics purchases filmstock from major film companies in large rolls. The filmstock is then slit and spooled on custom-designed equipment, using a combination of new and recycled spools & paper backing, depending on film size. This includes spools and backing paper of our own design and manufacture.”

HP 400 or Bluefire Pan 400 Roll Film 127 (Illford HP5 Plus)

HP 400 - also sold as Bluefire Pan 400 - roll film 127 is a true rarity in the world of modern black and white photography! Based on Ilford HP5 Plus this film is laboriously converted into roll film format 127. It is a fine grain, high-speed black and white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27°. Also known for good acutance and high resolving power. It is ideal for shooting moving subjects, even in difficult lighting conditions (available light). It can push film speeds up to EI 3200/36.

Rera Pan 100 and 400 film

Rera Pan 100 is a traditional ISO 100 black and white film. Rera Pan 400 is a traditional ISO 400 black and white film.

Rera Chrome 100 film

Rera Chrome 100 is a traditional ISO 100 color slide film. It is suitable for a wide range of photographic applications.

Rollei Crossbird roll film 127

Rollei Crossbird is a ‘cross film’ (E6/C41) and is alsco called a ‘fantasy film’ (unusual colour shift).


European Union

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North America

Film Cutter for roll film 127

Film cutter for 127 film: a complete kit that cuts 120 film and rolls it to 127 spool.


‘Roll film 127’ is the generally used name. It was the Eastman Kodak number for this film. Agfa used to call it ‘A8’ and Ansco ’2C’. Back